1. This Isn’t Your Parents AS/RS System

    Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems have been around since the 1960's, offering distribution centers higher capacity storage in a smaller footprint. But we aren't living in the last century and the advancements in ASRS technologies over the past 55 years have advanced this technology in not only functionality but economies of use. ASRS systems can be found in small, medium and large facilities…Read More

  2. How to Find the Right Storage Rack System for Your Warehouse

    Are you shopping around for a new or additional pallet rack system?  Perhaps you’re considering taking on additional product lines for a new customer; or trying to meet new fulfillment requirements for an existing customer; or maybe just evaluating your operations to see if any new efficiencies can be found.  Whatever the reason, how do you know which type of pallet rack or storage medium is r…Read More

  3. Here’s the Key to Preventing Pallet Rack Forklift Damage…

    Simple Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Equipment, Product and Employees Pallet rack safety and pallet rack functionality go hand in hand.  From concept to installation to implementation the safety of your rack system is paramount. Some pallet rack systems inherently combine safety and functionality; think of the cant leg frame, but often safety features are added to a rack system for addit…Read More

  4. Check Out Our Quick-Ship Pallet Rack Program

    We’re really excited to announce our new Quick Ship Pallet Rack Program -  Now, you don’t have to put up with extra long lead times or components that don’t really do the job.  E-Distribution has created a pallet rack stocking program to including a large selection of the most popular structural and roll-formed rack frames, beams and accessories – ready to ship where and when you need t…Read More

  5. Meet the NEW E-Dist.com… Lots to See & Ready for Your Feedback

    E-Distribution just had a digital makeover – Check out our new, redesigned site, complete with updated content, project photos, brochures, case studies and whitepapers. We used the latest in web design tools for a whole new look, combined with fast and easy navigation, so you can find what you need quickly. And we’re not done – in fact, E-Dist.com is will be a constant work-in-progress, deli…Read More