E-Distribution’s robotic palletizers reduce labor costs and injuries while boosting order throughput, even for the most challenging package applications. We offer consulting to help figure out the best ways to get your warehouse optimized with a palletizer machine. Custom stack configurations are easily created for your package types and quickly stacked using the robot’s multi-unit grab and suction arms. Depending on the rate of product flow, our robots can palletize 3-4 pallets at a time making it more productive than standard palletizing applications.

Using our proven application software, the robot can also palletize mixed SKUs on the same pallet – this is a huge benefit for facilities handling a large number of SKUs and orders.  Our industry proven software has simple touch screen menus to make changes to different stack patterns in manufacturing much easier.

Our robotic palletizers can stand up to a wide range of temperatures, even the cold of the frozen food manufacturing and warehouses. The use of these robotic palletizers are very common and have a wide industry reference install base. Palletizers can help make your distribution more efficient.

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