1. Join Us at the IFDA in Phoenix!

    The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) annual conference on Distribution Solutions is next week – October 26-28th…And we’re gonna be there!  We’ve been exhibiting at this show for several years and are looking forward to heading back to Phoenix to meet with attendees from the foodservice warehousing and transportation sectors. Each year, we see some old friends and…Read More

  2. How to Increase Pick Slots WITHOUT Expanding Your Warehouse

    Buyers want choices and retailers have NO choice but to deliver; lots of variety, a myriad of brands, every color of the rainbow and flavor under the sun.  This is the best case scenario for the finicky consumer, but a major headache at the distribution center.  DC managers are forced to handle ever-rising SKUs, both fast and slow moving products, in the same amount of storage space.  It means …Read More

  3. Business is Growing in Texas… And So are We!

    Have you heard?  Texas was THE place to be in 2014.  According to Industry Week and Forbes magazines, the Lone Star State is the #1 Business State in the country, chosen by corporate executives and site selection consultants in the annual survey of the  Developers Council International (DCI).  Texas continues its all-out boom in the energy sector and financial and tech markets, while seeing a…Read More

  4. So Why DO They Call Us “The BMW of Used Pallet Rack”?

      The Answer:  We're very proud to say … We’ve earned it! And there’s equally good reason why too many of our used pallet rack competitors have earned just the opposite, by pushing inferior used pallet rack components, sold along with shoddy hardware and no quality certification. We decided a long time ago to take some important lessons from BMW (hence, the nickname). We knew that to …Read More

  5. Project Spotlight -PFG’s Pallet Rack Redesign Boosts Pick Slots & Saves $150k

    How’d they do it? With some open minds, a little creative thinking and a mix of new and used pallet rack to save the bottom line. Performance Food Group (PFG) is a leading foodservice provider in the US, serving over 130,000 restaurants, schools and institutions. Their growing Little Rock, AR needed help with some major capacity and material handling challenges. Challenges: Extensive rack damage…Read More

  6. 10 Tips You Need to Know to Win BIG with Used Pallet Rack

    First, erase the image you have in your head of that dodgy used car salesman, or maybe even worse, the typical used pallet rack guy (ugh!)! Good…  Now you’re ready to learn what to watch out for and exactly what steps you need to take to find the right used pallet rack system for your next project.  If sourced carefully, used equipment can save as much as 50% compared to new systems.  Depen…Read More

  7. 10 Cost-Effective, Easy Steps to Add Pallet Rack and Case Pick Slots in Your Warehouse

    If your pallet rack system is at or over capacity, you’ve probably scrambled to find every possible pallet slot or case pick location in the building. Every warehouse will eventually face the capacity issue, either due to sales growth, increasing SKUs or seasonal inventories.  Before taking that giant leap toward capital expansion, we have some easy and cost-effective strategies to maximize you…Read More

  8. Check Out Our Quick-Ship Pallet Rack Program

    We’re really excited to announce our new Quick Ship Pallet Rack Program -  Now, you don’t have to put up with extra long lead times or components that don’t really do the job.  E-Distribution has created a pallet rack stocking program to including a large selection of the most popular structural and roll-formed rack frames, beams and accessories – ready to ship where and when you need t…Read More