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No crown or trophy needed for this winner, just load it up with full pallets and let it go to work. When designing a pallet flow system to meet your specific needs you have options such as, wheel type and size, wheel pattern configuration (in-line/staggered), pitch of the flow lanes and simple braking or even heavy duty braking used in the deep lane (20+) systems.   The pallet flow systems designed today are such a perfect combination of flexibility and adaptability that they can be found in large and small operations alike; anywhere with fast moving, full pallet loads.

We all know there are many storage system options and that several used in conjunction is often the most effective and efficient way to manage a busy warehouse, but most consistently what we see is pallet flow.  The reason is pretty simple once you consider the attributes of a pallet flow system:

Pallet Flow Rack SystemPallet Flow Attributes:

  • High density (up to 25+) pallets deep
  • Minimized footprint for high volume capacity
  • First in First out product rotation.
  • Saves labor costs by up to 75%
  • Increases pick productivity
  • Environmentally efficient – more storage in smaller space and product moved by gravity not machine

These are pretty impressive attributes, but what about compared with other high-density options?

  • Push-back Rack: high density storage for LIFO product rotation with 100% SKU selectivity. Usually limited to 5 or 6 pallets deep.
  • Drive-in Rack: high density storage of like products or low SKU volume in LIFO product rotation. Saves floor space from traditional rack, but limited in multi SKU availability
  • Drive-Thru Rack: high density storage of like products in FIFO rotation.  Limited SKU volume, and driver/product safety concerns

These storage systems have their place for sure, but when you’re talking maximum high density and selectivity pallet flow has them beat.  Depending on your storage and fulfillment needs pallet flow can be combined with other systems, to create integrated warehouse applications across multiple industry segments.


  • Deep-lane, high-density pallet flow
  • Multi-level pallet flow
  • Push-back 2nd level – pallet flow below
  • High-density, full case pick applications


  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Automotive Manufacturing & Distribution
  • In-Process Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail

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