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Your order processing and picking operation is distinct to your facility, inventory, fulfillment demands, work staff, equipment, etc. That said, there are tried and true approaches that can have measurable effects on your bottom line if implemented correctly and monitored regularly. Simple to install and use, gravity fed carton flow can accommodate moderate to faster moving SKUs in a productivity “golden spot” creating a cost-effective solution that can add picking efficiency while optimizing space usage, and decreasing labor costs.

Take a look at our quick tips doc: 7 Ways to Increase Pick Slots & Save Space with Carton Flow for more easy to implement storage and processing advice. If your interested in discussing the challenges of your current set-up, give the E-Distribution team a call. We can provide a thorough review of your current operation to offer a solution that takes advantage of all your business positives while mitigating the difficulties and still meeting your budgetary constraints.

We look forward to working with you!