Optimize Space with Drive-In Pallet Racking.

Drive-In pDrive_in Rackallet racking is a high-density system storing from 2 to 10 pallets or more deep.  The unique design of this system is the density it offers within a small warehouse footprint.

Ideal for LIFO product rotation of large volume, low-rotation, single SKU items; drive-in can free up to 35% of the floor space required by standard racking while storing 75% more pallets.

The system is designed with a single fork truck loading and unloading opening which frees up valuable warehouse space and decreases storage and retrieval times.

An ideal drive-in system requirement has a total pallet count of at least 4 full bays x the depth of each bay in order to achieve efficient inventory rotation.


Is drive-in rack right for you?  Here is a list of the major advantages:

  • Increased storage in smaller footprint
  • Less space required for aisles & fork truck access
  • Deep-lane, single SKU storage
  • LIFO inventory control of long shelf-life, non-stackable goods
  • Functional in ambient, cold store and freezer environments
  • Manufactured to withstand fork-truck abuse
  • Prevents product damage vs stacking