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Optimize Pallet Storage Space with Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-In pallet racking is a high-density storage system that allows for deep-lane, multi-level, full pallet storage from 2 – 10 pallets deep… or even deeper.  The unique design of this system creates all this storage within a small warehouse footprint.

Ideal for Last-In/First-Out (LIFO) inventory rotation best suited for large volume, low-rotation, single SKU items. Drive-in rack can free up 35% of the floor space that would be required by standard selective pallet racking systems while storing 75% more pallets.

The drive-in system is designed to be accessed by a forklift that drives into the lane and deposits or extracts a pallet. The pallets are placed on protruding arms on both sides of the lane that run the full depth of the system. With the forklift directly interfacing with the pallet rack, it is imperative for the racking system to be designed with safety protections such as column guards, column backers, lane guides, etc. to protect the system from damage. Operators must be well-trained to ensure warehouse safety.

An ideal drive-in system requirement has a total pallet count of at least 4 full bays x the depth of each bay in order to achieve efficient inventory rotation.

Is drive-in rack right for you?  Here is a list of the major advantages:
Drive-In Pallet Rack - E-Distribution

Drive-In Pallet Rack Advantages

  • Increased storage in a condensed footprint
  • Efficient full pallet storage
  • Single aisle forklift access
  • Deep-lane, single-SKU per lane storage
  • LIFO inventory rotation
  • Ideal for long shelf-life, non-stackable goods
  • Functional in ambient, refrigerator and freezer warehouse climates
  • Manufactured to withstand forklift abuse
  • Prevents product damage vs stacking