Material handling solutions that work for you.

Pallet racking is the key component to almost any distribution system; it is essentially the spinal cord of your warehouse.  Playing such a significant role, it is imperative that the pallet racking used be specified for the demands of each individual facility.  Quality design, construction, and installation are where you will save your money.

A quality system means less downtime for repairs and maintenance, greater efficiency and less product damage and waste. An efficient, productive warehouse often integrates a variety of rack materials and racking mediums to achieve optimal capacity and order throughput. Some of those options include:

Pallet rack material options:

  • Roll-formed
  • Structural
  • Both roll-formed and structural

Pallet Rack Types:

With several rack types and manufacturing options to choose from, the E-Distribution material handling design and installation experts stand ready to simplify the process for you.

To design your unique system, the E-Distribution design experts will:

  • Analyze your inventory data
  • Work with your order processing requirements
  • Meet your current system needs
  • Build in for future projected growth
  • Stay on budget

From new materials to quality, pre-owned storage equipment or a combination of the two, we will develop a system to fit your unique circumstances.  Our passion is to serve you, no matter your situation.