1. The Countdown is On! Immediately Available Used Pallet Rack & Equipment

    Everything Must Go by November 1st. Warehouse Closing Savannah, GA. All racking and equipment available at bargain prices and everything is in great condition. Call E-Distribution for details. Also Available - FOB Beaumont, TX Teardrop Pallet Rack System 300 pallet bays 60" x 21' tall x 144" wide Includes wire decking Call or email for photos and details. bemerson@e-dist.com (972)672-5396 Cell…Read More

  2. Global Food Supplier Puts the Freeze on Warehouse Expenses with a Semi-Automated Pallet Storage System

    According to National Geographic, the average American eats nearly 30 pounds of French fries each year. With approximately 330 million Americans… that’s a lot of frozen potatoes! The E-Distribution team recently finished a freezer warehouse and distribution center remodel for a global food supplier that will help them meet that demand while also controlling operation costs, inventory carrying …Read More

  3. E-Distribution – Your Source for Access Control COVID Screening Temperature & Mask

    E-Distribution is selling, designing, and installing access control screening devices into your existing cardkey, RFID, access systems. E-Distribution SPEEDFACE – Stand-alone, hands-free, walk-through surveillance with 100% touchless user authentication monitors personnel body temperatures and grants access through face or palm identification. Scans for – Facemask – Temperature – Facial re…Read More

  4. Fast, Budget-Conscious Storage & Fulfillment the E-Distribution Way

    Meet Demand Changes Without Major Disruption & Cost Business slowdowns like the one blanketing so many industries today will tighten budgets. But, putting off needed improvements can do even more damage to your bottom line if you aren’t ready to meet demand when the economy recovers. E-Distribution can help! Let us bridge the gap for you as we have done for so many of our clients over the ye…Read More

  5. Don’t Skip a Step on Good Warehouse Flooring

    Building a Solid Foundation: The Importance of Flooring in Pallet Rack System Design The integrity, quality and durability of your warehouse pallet rack system design starts from the ground up. A warehouse’s floor bares literal tons of static and dynamic load day in and day out, including pallet racks, and it’s critical that a floor’s composition and foundation are equal to the task. Rack Ma…Read More

  6. E-Distribution — Measurable, Custom, Easy to Apply Warehouse Safety

    Start with Safety… rack safety, pedestrian & equipment protections and quality stairs & guardrails aren’t just necessities, they’re smart business keeping workers safe, protecting capital investment and eliminating downtime and expense.  There’s no better time than the fresh start of a new year to review safety concerns and get those challenges updated and under control to ensure …Read More

  7. Give Me Some Space… For Safe & Productive Warehouse Operations

    Whether building new or remodeling an existing distribution center, configuring the warehouse space that will not have storage rack is equally as important as the area that will. Here’s why… while pallet and case storage rack is designed intentionally to consolidate inventory and maximize warehouse space and efficiency, the area around the racking where people and equipment maneuver also has a…Read More

  8. Professional Pallet Rack Installation Tips & Techniques | Series Part 2

    4 Questions to Ask When Redesigning Your Material Handling System   E-Distribution’s team of expert installers are back with more pallet rack installation advice to help you pick the best team for your needs and to know what to expect from the process. Our first blog in the Tips & Techniques Series was 5 Key Pallet Rack Installation Questions. In Part 2, we focus on what to do with existing…Read More

  9. The Complete Package – E-Distribution Delivers Full Service at the IFDA Expo

    Schedule to Meet One-on-One at the Show! No one understands the idiom of ‘soup to nuts’ better than food distributors. The E-Distribution team is the material handling solution’s version of soup to nuts that your business needs to keep competitive and thrive in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Now that the annual IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference is only a week away we’re reac…Read More

  10. 5 Questions to Ask Your Next Pallet Rack Install Crew | Series Part 1

    Hiring a pallet rack systems installation crew is more than just asking, “When can you be here.” Warehouse pallet racking is a large capital expenditure with long-term expectations. It deserves careful consideration through the entire design, engineering, manufacturing and, yes, installation process. Meaning that your expectations for excellence from your design team has to carry through to yo…Read More