1. Don’t Skip a Step on Good Warehouse Flooring

    Building a Solid Foundation: The Importance of Flooring in Pallet Rack System Design The integrity, quality and durability of your warehouse pallet rack system design starts from the ground up. A warehouse’s floor bares literal tons of static and dynamic load day in and day out, including pallet racks, and it’s critical that a floor’s composition and foundation are equal to the task. Rack Ma…Read More

  2. E-Distribution — Measurable, Custom, Easy to Apply Warehouse Safety

    Start with Safety… rack safety, pedestrian & equipment protections and quality stairs & guardrails aren’t just necessities, they’re smart business keeping workers safe, protecting capital investment and eliminating downtime and expense.  There’s no better time than the fresh start of a new year to review safety concerns and get those challenges updated and under control to ensure …Read More

  3. Give Me Some Space… For Safe & Productive Warehouse Operations

    Whether building new or remodeling an existing distribution center, configuring the warehouse space that will not have storage rack is equally as important as the area that will. Here’s why… while pallet and case storage rack is designed intentionally to consolidate inventory and maximize warehouse space and efficiency, the area around the racking where people and equipment maneuver also has a…Read More

  4. Professional Pallet Rack Installation Tips & Techniques | Series Part 2

    4 Questions to Ask When Redesigning Your Material Handling System   E-Distribution’s team of expert installers are back with more pallet rack installation advice to help you pick the best team for your needs and to know what to expect from the process. Our first blog in the Tips & Techniques Series was 5 Key Pallet Rack Installation Questions. In Part 2, we focus on what to do with existing…Read More

  5. The Complete Package – E-Distribution Delivers Full Service at the IFDA Expo

    Schedule to Meet One-on-One at the Show! No one understands the idiom of ‘soup to nuts’ better than food distributors. The E-Distribution team is the material handling solution’s version of soup to nuts that your business needs to keep competitive and thrive in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Now that the annual IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference is only a week away we’re reac…Read More

  6. 5 Questions to Ask Your Next Pallet Rack Install Crew | Series Part 1

    Hiring a pallet rack systems installation crew is more than just asking, “When can you be here.” Warehouse pallet racking is a large capital expenditure with long-term expectations. It deserves careful consideration through the entire design, engineering, manufacturing and, yes, installation process. Meaning that your expectations for excellence from your design team has to carry through to yo…Read More

  7. No Pallet Rack Installation is Too Tough for E-Distribution

    15% Off! Expert Pallet Rack Install Services Opportunity is knocking! The E-Distribution installation crew is like no other. We offer a unique blend of design & engineering expertise and our installation pros deliver the technical know-how to build (or dismantle) any system, racking, pick module or conveyor configuration... expertly and efficiently. Today we’re offering a Great Discount to n…Read More

  8. SKUs Increasing & Out of Space? E-Distribution’s Been There, Done That

    Achieving greater inventory density in a smaller footprint, while also making it pick- and put-friendly may sound like a big challenge… and that’s because it is a big challenge. Our message today is don’t go it alone! Choose the team that has successfully tackled this and other difficult material handling projects to guide our customers to success. The E-Distribution team has helped customer…Read More

  9. In-House Fabrication… Out of this World Savings

    Don’t choose between safety and budget when it comes to your team, rack systems and equipment. Everything needs to be protected and everything can be protected with customized safety equipment from E-Distribution. Our in-house steel fabrication shop can customize bollards, rails, rack protection and more. Plus, we can provide netting and additional safety equipment designed to fit your systems. …Read More

  10. Check Out Our Quality, Pre-Owned, Structural Push-Back & Selective Pallet Rack…

    Is your SKU volume growing? Are you in need of more pallet positions? Then you are in luck! We’ve recently decommissioned a Frazier manufactured structural steel pallet rack system equipped with 2000 pallet positions of push-back rack plus selective pallet storage. In an era of reduce, reuse, recycle this is a great opportunity to bring in quality racking at a discounted price and do right by th…Read More