Optimize warehouse storage space and increase order throughput efficiency.

Pick modules are designed for accurate, efficient order selection of full- or broken-case inventory. The consolidated layout often combines carton storage rack such as carton flow rack on the lower levels for hand picking with full pallet reserve storage above. Pallets are loaded from a rear aisle minimizing traffic and improving safety in the pick aisle. In addition, conveyor is frequently integrated into the design… though each layout is unique to the inventory needs of the customer.

The consolidated footprint of the pick module increases picking rates and reduces travel time for workers and equipment, saving costs in both areas. It is ideal for high-volume order fulfillment and/or high-throughput SKU fulfillment.

E-Distripick modulebution will custom design your pick module to effectively optimize space and improve picking productivity. Where possible, we integrate existing storage rack with new storage solutions to minimize costs and installation times. We will work with you to choose the best combination of selective pallet racking, gravity flow options, conveyors and other material handling storage methods to meet your inventory order processing goals.

Is a multi-level racking pick module right for you?  Here is a list of the major advantages:

  • Increased order picking productivity
  • Decreased labor cost
  • Decreased travel
  • Optimized warehouse footprint
  • Maximize SKU availability
  • Ideal for FIFO product rotation and date stamped sensitive products