Optimize storage space and increase order throughput efficiency.

Pick modules Roller Conveyor Systemsdesigned for full case, broken case and tote selection can increase picking rates and consolidate order selection in a condensed footprint; ideal for facilities handling high volume/high throughput SKU fulfillment. Pick module pallet racking systems move full pallets through the carton or case or pick channel then to dock or sortation often via conveyor.  Pallet load aisle is accessed via lift truck allowing undisturbed order selection from the opposite aisle.


E-Distripick modulebution will custom design your module to effectively optimize space and improve picking productivity.  Specifying new or quality pre-owned materials, we will combine an assortment of selective pallet racking, gravity flow options, conveyors and other material handling storage methods to meet your product flow goals.

Is a multi-level racking pick module right for you?  Here is a list of the major advantages:

  • Increased order picking
  • Decrease labor cost
  • Maximized warehouse footprint
  • Maximize SKU availability
  • Ideal for FIFO product rotation and date stamped sensitive products