It takes a lot of creative engineering to design these machines. They must function optimally to be safe, fast and efficient. The same can be said for our “machines”, so it makes perfect sense for E-Distribution to be a sponsor of the Swindell Racing Team at Lucas Oil Chili Bowl – annual midget sprint car race.

The Lucas Oil Chili Bowl is racing’s answer to the NFL’s Super Bowl. Held each winter, the Chili Bowl is big, loud, fun and the winner is crowned, National Champion.

The #1 car was driven by famed racer and 5-time Chili Bowl Champion Sammy Swindell. Joining Sammy on the track was Michael Pickens in the #39 car. Pickens is a 5-time Australian midget car champion who joined the Swindell Racing Team last November. After four evenings of exciting racing the Swindell team finished well and the E-Dist team had a blast.

It’s back to work for us… designing and installing storage rack and conveyor systems to simplify the work you do… so you too can add a little fun into your days! It’s our honor to work for you and to also have the opportunity to sponsor a great team like Swindell Racing.

Brad with legendary Sammy Swindell Swindell Car
Brad with 5-time champ – Michael Pickens Pickens Car