Pallet Storage Automation - E-Distribution

According to National Geographic, the average American eats nearly 30 pounds of French fries each year. With approximately 330 million Americans… that’s a lot of frozen potatoes! The E-Distribution team recently finished a freezer warehouse and distribution center remodel for a global food supplier that will help them meet that demand while also controlling operation costs, inventory carrying costs, and labor expenses.

For the project, existing pallet racking was dismantled and replaced with a semi-automated and highly-efficient pallet mole storage system. The shuttle system is ideally designed for deep-lane and very-deep lane pallet storage and works within all warehouse climates including, of course, freezers.

Luckily the E-Distribution team also works in freezers though it isn’t without its challenges. The team expertly reconfigured the existing freezer storage area to accommodate the Frazier Pallet Mole system by removing the existing push-back and drive-in pallet racking systems first then building out the mole racking. The shuttle system requires less labor to store and retrieve a high number of pallets and it does it faster than traditional load and pick from standard rack. For the very high-density needs of this global food supplier, it’s the right solution.

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