SpeedFace Secure Driver Cage Access

Facility safety cages can also be used in conjunction with SpeedFace 100% touchless user authentication. SpeedFace is programmed to monitor body temperature and face scan or face and palm recognition. Once approved, SpeedFace interfaces with the personnel cage system to automatically open the door and allow access to your facility.

How SpeedFace Works with a Security Access Cage

  1. Confirms worker/visitor is wearing a mask
  2. Verifies the individual’s temperature is safe
  3. Triggers the cage door to open and allow access

E-Distribution can equip you with the cage system and SpeedFace access control or retrofit your existing cage system to work with SpeedFace. We will also provide on-site training.

The E-Distribution team will provide:

  • Free site analysis
  • Turnkey Installation 
  • On-site training