If you wait for perfect conditions… you’ll never get anything done.

Material Handling - E-Distribution

It’s rarely the perfect time to upgrade or replace existing material handling systems, but E-Distribution can minimize the challenges so much so that you’ll be wondering why you didn’t take the step sooner!

So, what are the usual excuses for not replacing damaged or ineffective storage solutions?

  1. Expense
  2. Disruption
  3. Uncertainty

If we put these reasons through the E-Distribution solution finder we get:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. No Downtime
  3. Measurable Results

Here is how we can be so confident of success… because we’ve done it before, and over and over for that matter. Our formula for success:

Cost Savings

E-Distribution specializes in integrating new and pre-owned systems where ever possible. Pre-owned systems can save as much as 50% on your equipment purchase and all pre-owned systems meet our rigorous inspection and skilled installation standards. We are brand neutral and select the best product to meet the needs or your project.

No Downtime

Where ever possible we take down and install your new systems with a little to NO downtime as possible. As you can see in the attached Case Study, we were able to replace 3,000 pallet positions for Performance Food Group

Measurable Results

Our solutions make sense both from an efficiency and relational standpoint based on your precise warehousing conditions, inventory, work force and method of storage/processing. Each solution is customized and optimized to meet your needs. We provide turnkey solutions including: engineering/design, integration, project management and installation services.

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E-Distribution is national racking and conveyor integrator specializing in both new and used equipment solutions; all expertly designed and seamlessly integrated for the most cost-efficient, productive results.

Material Handling - E-DistributionDownload our PFG Case Study and see how E-Distribution worked with PFG to develop a creative, space-saving design using pre-owned Frazier structural racking. $150,000 saved in equipment costs and immeasurable savings in potential safety risks.