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Food distribution has never been this challenging. Yet, there are tried and true productivity boosters that any warehouse can implement in a cost-effective approach to finding big savings. For decades we’ve honed these practices and now we’d like to share them with you. Our white paper, 5 Proven Tips to Boost Productivity outlines these strategies and more. Here’s a quick recap:

 5 Proven Productivity Boosters

  • Speed-up picking and increase accuracy with case-flow
  • Audit SKU throughput & slotting frequently
  • Hit the floor with fast movers
  • Minimize congestion with strategic merge points
  • Motivate your workforce

Carton Flow - E-DistributionConsolidation of slow-pick SKU’s into first level case flow (carton flow) or pick modules achieves far greater item density in a smaller footprint. The result is faster order picking and reducing travel time and expense.

SKU Audit
Frequent audits are key to finding inefficiencies as inventory demands shift.

Rule of thumb figuring:

  • Maintain a minimum of 1-2 weeks inventory per case flow lane
  • Move faster moving SKUs to selective pallet rack to avoid excessive replenishment for a particular slot.

Bulk Stacking
High-volume case/carton selection from bulk-stacked pallets is very efficient and can free up 6-7 pallet rack slots per SKU. Labor costs from replenishment are also saved.

Merge Points
Conveyor Belt Systems E-DistributionCarefully planned merge points can minimize warehouse congestion and inventory handling adding to faster, more accurate order processing and safer dock operations.

Implementing strategies to streamline inventory handling and processing will not just benefit your per unit cost, but your workforce efficiency as well. Happy workers are productive workers so setting achievable goals and accurately tracking productivity are beneficial processes to implement. Proper training is also important and comes back to you with positive effects.

E-Distribution can employ several techniques to help you identify where costly processes or bottlenecks may exist. We can provide a material flow analysis to optimize flow; review space utilization to find space usage inefficiencies; and suggest product slotting techniques that will bolster order picking processes and more.

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