Two technician repairing machine shelf in dark room warehouse - E-distribution

And Just Like That, We Gained 100 Years of Expert Industrial Installation Experience!

We are very happy to announce the acquisition of Carolina Installers, Inc. The Carolina team, headed by Larry Hicks and his Brother Jerry, brings 100+ years of industrial installation to the E-Distribution team and not a moment too soon. This past year, our professional installers have been very busy installing new pallet racking and conveyor systems, tearing down older systems, and relocating and reconfiguring existing systems. 

With Carolina Installers joining the team, we’ve doubled our warehouse rack installation capabilities, reducing customer wait times while delivering expert services. 

Storage Systems Expertise

Warehouse Systems Integration


Carolina Installers has been a trusted name in industrial installation for over 40 years. With over 1500 installations, this team has the expertise to handle any industrial installation job. Their expertise spans both structural and roll-formed pallet racking and all major manufacturer’s brands.

Join us in welcoming the gifted Carolina Installers crew to the E-Distribution team! Call: (866) 690-4585 or visit our Contact Us page to schedule your next warehouse rack installation or tear-down project. We will set up an on-site visit or web conference to discuss your project details and get you on the schedule.