1. Exciting News – Carolina Installers Joins the E-Distribution Team

    And Just Like That, We Gained 100 Years of Expert Industrial Installation Experience! We are very happy to announce the acquisition of Carolina Installers, Inc. The Carolina team, headed by Larry Hicks and his Brother Jerry, brings 100+ years of industrial installation to the E-Distribution team and not a moment too soon. This past year, our professional installers have been very busy installing n…Read More

  2. 10 Cost-Effective, Easy Steps to Add Pallet Rack and Case Pick Slots in Your Warehouse

    If your pallet rack system is at or over capacity, you’ve probably scrambled to find every possible pallet slot or case pick location in the building. Every warehouse will eventually face the capacity issue, either due to sales growth, increasing SKUs, or seasonal inventories.  Before taking that giant leap toward capital expansion, we have some easy and cost-effective strategies to maximize yo…Read More

  3. When Grit, Spit and Duct Tape Can’t Save Your Material Handling System

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  Well, that may work for some things and sure we’d like to believe it really is the best approach to most things because it implies a certain financial net zero expense, but if your last major investment was making your material handling system Y2K compliant you may be existing on borrowed time.  Your material handling system was designed around a business m…Read More

  4. Pallet Flow: The High Density Storage Winner!

      No crown or trophy needed for this winner, just load it up with full pallets and let it go to work. When designing a pallet flow system to meet your specific needs you have options such as, wheel type and size, wheel pattern configuration (in-line/staggered), pitch of the flow lanes and simple braking or even heavy duty braking used in the deep lane (20+) systems.   The pallet flow systems de…Read More

  5. Meet You at the Dock – Conveyor System Design Part #4

      No discussion on industrial conveyor design is complete without addressing where and how the product ultimately leaves the warehouse.  In this final blog of our four-part series on Conveyor System Design, we will review the sortation element of the conveyor process and the critical role it plays in the diversion of the product through multiple doors and to multiple trucks all at one time. This…Read More

  6. How to Define Your Product Path – Conveyor System Design Part #3

    From Order… to Pick…  to Customer     You know all the specifications of your product – check.  You know the daily and even monthly breakdown of your order profile – check.  So what’s next in the process of designing a conveyor system unique to your business and your product lines?  In this 3rd installment of our four-part blog series o…Read More

  7. How Does Your Order Profile Impact Conveyor System Design?

    Critical Steps in Your Conveyor System Design – Part 2 In this second installment of a four-part blog series on conveyor system design and applications, we’re shifting our focus from the importance of knowing your product – truly capturing all product specs in order to build a productive conveyor system – to the significance of your order profile in the design of your conveyor system. Your…Read More

  8. Your Critical First Steps in Designing a Conveyor System

    There is something simplistic about a conveyor system; a child can understand the concept of mechanical equipment that moves material from one location to another.  However, the design of an effective conveyor system is anything but simplistic and not properly collecting the details upfront can lead to costly mistakes. We’d like to introduce you to 6 major steps in the building of your new con…Read More

  9. How to Increase Pick Slots WITHOUT Expanding Your Warehouse

    Buyers want choices, and retailers have NO choice but to deliver; lots of variety, a myriad of brands, every color of the rainbow, and flavor under the sun.  This is the best-case scenario for the finicky consumer, but a major headache at the distribution center.  DC managers are forced to handle ever-rising SKUs, both fast and slow-moving products, in the same amount of storage space.  It mean…Read More

  10. Business is Growing in Texas… And So are We!

    Have you heard?  Texas was THE place to be in 2014.  According to Industry Week and Forbes magazines, the Lone Star State is the #1 Business State in the country, chosen by corporate executives and site selection consultants in the annual survey of the  Developers Council International (DCI).  Texas continues its all-out boom in the energy sector and financial and tech markets, while seeing a…Read More