1. How to Define Your Product Path – Conveyor System Design Part #3

    From Order… to Pick…  to Customer     You know all the specifications of your product – check.  You know the daily and even monthly breakdown of your order profile – check.  So what’s next in the process of designing a conveyor system unique to your business and your product lines?  In this 3rd installment of our four-part blog series o…Read More

  2. Business is Growing in Texas… And So are We!

    Have you heard?  Texas was THE place to be in 2014.  According to Industry Week and Forbes magazines, the Lone Star State is the #1 Business State in the country, chosen by corporate executives and site selection consultants in the annual survey of the  Developers Council International (DCI).  Texas continues its all-out boom in the energy sector and financial and tech markets, while seeing a…Read More

  3. Don’t Wait…Teardrop Pallet Rack is IN STOCK!

    There's absolutely nothing worse than waiting, especially for us stubbornly impatient types! Even worse, is not knowing how long you'll have to wait, which is often the case for new pallet rack delivery times. Manufacturers are busy - we get it. That's why E-Distribution established our Quick Ship Pallet Rack Program, so you can find the components you need, WHEN you need them. We've recently ex…Read More

  4. So Why DO They Call Us “The BMW of Used Pallet Rack”?

      The Answer:  We're very proud to say … We’ve earned it! And there’s equally good reason why too many of our used pallet rack competitors have earned just the opposite, by pushing inferior used pallet rack components, sold along with shoddy hardware and no quality certification. We decided a long time ago to take some important lessons from BMW (hence, the nickname). We knew that to …Read More

  5. Meet the NEW E-Dist.com… Lots to See & Ready for Your Feedback

    E-Distribution just had a digital makeover – Check out our new, redesigned site, complete with updated content, project photos, brochures, case studies and whitepapers. We used the latest in web design tools for a whole new look, combined with fast and easy navigation, so you can find what you need quickly. And we’re not done – in fact, E-Dist.com is will be a constant work-in-progress, deli…Read More