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The Answer:  We’re very proud to say … We’ve earned it!

And there’s equally good reason why too many of our used pallet rack competitors have earned just the opposite, by pushing inferior used pallet rack components, sold along with shoddy hardware and no quality certification.

We decided a long time ago to take some important lessons from BMW (hence, the nickname). We knew that to earn our clients’ trust, we had to guarantee the quality, engineering and specifications of our pre-owned equipment, every time. In a nutshell, we take the work, and importantly the worry, out of your hands, while saving you as much as 50% on your storage system equipment purchase.



Here’s How:

  • Pallet Rack Quality Inspections – We personally inspect all materials on site for quality, performance and safety before we’ll ever put our name on it.
  • New Hardware Included – Most dealers resell pallet rack with existing hardware. We all know it’s bound to be damaged during use and tear-down. You’ll get brand new hardware with your certified pre-owned systems.
  • Frames Cut to Any Length – If we don’t have you’re exact requirements – no problem. We’ll cut frames to your spec at our in-house fabrication facility.
  • Engineering Calculations – Now this is how we really stand out – our structural engineers will review and certify your new configuration, capacities and elevations. This is unheard of from most resellers.
  • Professional Installation – We have a national team of professional project managers and installers to guarantee your seamless installation.

We can tell you more, OR you can see for yourself by downloading our recent case studies – just two examples of E-Distribution’s creative system design, integrating both new and used pallet rack systems to improve storage efficiency while saving space and your bottom line!

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