1. Professional Pallet Rack Installation Tips & Techniques | Series Part 2

    4 Questions to Ask When Redesigning Your Material Handling System   E-Distribution’s team of expert installers are back with more pallet rack installation advice to help you pick the best team for your needs and to know what to expect from the process. Our first blog in the Tips & Techniques Series was 5 Key Pallet Rack Installation Questions. In Part 2, we focus on what to do with existing…Read More

  2. Separating Gold from Rust – Proven Tips for Buying Quality Pre-Owned Pallet Rack

    Add-ons, upgrades, or pallet rack modifications are entirely in your grasp, especially if you have a modest budget and/or tight timeline. Purchasing like-new, pre-owned pallet racking systems, components, and accessories can save as much as 50% versus new and shave valuable waiting time off delivery. E-Distribution is positioned to provide directly or source quality pre-owned systems and component…Read More

  3. A Big Ol’ Texas Welcome for IFDA Participants

    NO BULL – E-Distribution Material Handling Solutions Just Make Sense As a hometown Material Handling Solutions Integrator, E-Distribution is excited to welcome y’all to Texas for the IFDA Distribution Solutions Conference. While most people say that “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” we can tell you that isn’t always the case… E-Distribution has a history of finding the best systems and …Read More

  4. So Why DO They Call Us “The BMW of Used Pallet Rack”?

      The Answer:  We're very proud to say … We’ve earned it! And there’s equally good reason why too many of our used pallet rack competitors have earned just the opposite, by pushing inferior used pallet rack components, sold along with shoddy hardware and no quality certification. We decided a long time ago to take some important lessons from BMW (hence, the nickname). We knew that to …Read More

  5. Project Spotlight -PFG’s Pallet Rack Redesign Boosts Pick Slots & Saves $150k

    How’d they do it? With some open minds, a little creative thinking and a mix of new and used pallet rack to save the bottom line. Performance Food Group (PFG) is a leading foodservice provider in the US, serving over 130,000 restaurants, schools and institutions. Their growing Little Rock, AR needed help with some major capacity and material handling challenges. Challenges: Extensive rack damage…Read More

  6. 10 Tips You Need to Know to Win BIG with Used Pallet Rack

    First, erase the image you have in your head of that dodgy used car salesman, or maybe even worse, the typical used pallet rack guy (ugh!)! Good…  Now you’re ready to learn what to watch out for and exactly what steps you need to take to find the right used pallet rack system for your next project.  If sourced carefully, used equipment can save as much as 50% compared to new systems.  Depen…Read More